Pearson Airport Pickup Procedure for Customers:

All vehicles capacity is 4 passengers. 

Customers need to go to the Prearranged Services booth inside the terminal. They need to provide their names and the name of our taxi company City Cabs Kitchener. Then an agent at the Prearranged Services booth will dispatch a City Cabs vehicle that is waiting at the compound lot. There are two designated locations for pickups: TERMINAL 1 (ARRIVALS) PILLAR A and TERMINAL 3 (ARRIVALS) PILLAR 7. If there are any issues, customers can always call our office at 519-747-7777

The customer accepts the following Pearson airport pick-up terms and conditions:

The customer will request a taxi at the compound lot at a specified time. If a driver is at the compound for 15 minutes and there is no sign of the customer, the driver needs to contact the City Cabs office to request a No Show. The office staff will make attempts to reach the customer. If the customer doesn't respond, the staff will instruct the driver to do a No Show. Then the driver will be eligible to do a No Show after being at the compound lot 15 minutes past due time (compound time). The driver will get the full amount of at least $135.00. If the customer responds and requests for the driver to wait, then the driver will charge the customer $40.00 per hour. The extra charge (if it was prepaid credit/debit) cannot be charged by the office, and must be charged when the customer arrives in the vehicle. 

Please know that our dispatch team monitor flight schedules to make sure your pick-up time is altered in the event of a delay. Please note, however, if there is any unnecessary delay on your part after the compound time this will be charged at $40.00 per hour.

The customer is responsible in providing the necessary information such as flight number, date, compound time, etc., the customer should ensure that the provided information is accurate. In the event that the destination is outside of the drop-off area purchased, customer is responsible for the residual charges applicable for the trip. This is to be paid in-car.

If you wish to change anything about your booking such as your pick-up time or any other relevant information, do not hesitate to call our office at 519-747-7777. Any changes should be done before we assigned a driver on your call. Failure to make the changes before will result in additional fees. Those fees will be applied accordingly.

Once you submit your booking request, our office staff will process your booking request, notify and provide you with the booking confirmation. 


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